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Perfectly formed, individually applied lashes that can last up to one year with top-ups.
Full Set: (2 hours)£120
3/4 Set: (90 mins)£90
Half Set: (60 mins)£60
Top-up after 2 weeks*: 40 mins£40
Top-up after 3 weeks*: 60 mins£60
Top-up after 4 weeks*: 80 mins£80


Perfect for those special occasions, weddings or parties, these individual lash extensions last up to two weeks, are less time intensive to apply, and look every bit as beautiful.
Enhancing: 50 mins£50
Natural: 50 mins£50
Dramatic: 60 mins£60


Gorgeous lashes don't just come in ones. Our tiny bunches start at just £2 per bunch, allowing you to choose a look that's perfect for you. 
Enhancing (16 bunches): 30 mins£50
Natural (20 bunches): 40 mins£50
Dramatic (30 bunches): 60 mins£55
Strip Lashes:from £8
Lash Removal
(for any of the above)
*Applies to Full-Set, visit our salon for further options.